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Ramco 4750 Prelude Boat Test

A name that epitomises the very heritage aluminium boat building in New Zealand is still a strong player in the market. Barry Thompson checks out one of the smallest models in the all-new range.

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Prelude 4750 - Barry Thompson

“For a boat under 5m you’d be hard pressed to find anything that would ride better. It feels firm and doesn’t have any of those aweful ‘tinnie’ sounds or rattles. This is a small boat with big boat attributes.”

Trailerboat Trials - Ramco Fisherman HT review

“Ramco is an iconic name in New Zealand boating and fishing circles, with the recognition factor amongst the marine-oriented of, say, the Edmonds Cookbook to those flatting for the first time, or Watties Tomato Sauce to aficionados of fish and chips.”

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Ramco Interceptor 580 Boat Review

The Ramco Interceptor 580 is designed for outboards from 70hp-115hp and our test boat came with the maximum allowed. The 2-stroke Yamaha 115 is a great package for the boat if you like going quick and it certainly delivers that throughout the range.

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