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The Ramco Story

Founded in 1985 Ramco Boats has over twenty five years of a single minded focus and commitment to making the Ramco aluminium boat range the best hunter – gatherer tool on the water. As New Zealand’s leading and largest manufacturer of plate aluminium boats, we supply Ramco aluminium boats ranging from 3.6 metres to 9 metres in length. Our award winning Ramco aluminium boat designs are by leading boat designer Scott Robson.

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Ramco aluminium boats are renowned for being the highest quality and best performing aluminium boats available. Our Ramco aluminium boats are ideal for all boating conditions and are among the best performing aluminium boat hulls in rough seas. Each and every Ramco aluminium boat is individually hand welded with the care and precision needed to bring you the strongest and safest plate aluminium boat. Our high attention to every detail means you can be assured that every Ramco aluminium boat that leaves our factory is of the highest quality and will give you the best tool for out on the water. Not only do our customers think this, our Ramco aluminium boats have won a host of awards including the 2006 NZ Boat Show, Aluminium Fish Boat Under 6m Award.

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In 2011 this company built us an absolutely outstanding 12 meter Power Cat for our Resort Diving Operation in Fiji (The Namale Resort & Spa in Savusavu Fiji). We could not be happier with both the vessel itself, and, it's after-sale service. Top shelf all the way. Also thank you to Scott Robson for a fantastic vessel design.


Ramco is an iconic name in New Zealand boating and fishing circles, with the recognition factor amongst the marine-oriented of, say, the Edmonds Cookbook to those flatting for the first time, or Watties Tomato Sauce to aficionados of fish and chips.

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